Our School

Indian Oasis, a Title I school serving the Tohono O’odham Nation in Sells, Arizona, empowers its students for life success. We partner with families and our community to teach the skills and knowledge necessary for our students to compete in a global market while retaining their traditional values and unique culture, and continuing the legacy of the Nation.

At Indian Oasis, we believe everyone has a right to a safe learning environment. We believe we should take pride in our words, our actions, and our culture. We believe we should act responsibly in every way to ensure a positive environment for everyone. We believe respect for ourselves and for others should be woven into the fabric of our lives. We are Tohono STARs!

STAR - Safe learning environment. Take pride in our words, our actions, and our culture. Act responsibly. Respect for ourselves and for others.

Emphasizing Core Subjects

Vital to the academic success of our students is proficiency in core subjects like reading and math. Vital to the journey of life is a love for learning. If we can help students develop decoding and comprehension skills in reading and become proficient in foundational math skills, they will discover an ease and love of learning for the rest of their lives.

To do this, we have adopted a new reading program called Success for All (SFA). This program blocks out a portion of our day for reading instruction and practice. Divided into skill level, each child is able to receive the exact instruction he/she needs to build upon their previous knowledge and move toward reading proficiency. The first stage of this program is Reading Roots, which teaches phonemic and decoding skills. Once students have shown mastery here, they move on to Reading Wings, which begins teaching concepts and tools for comprehension and fluency. We have found much success with this program and appreciate its frequent assessment and reward of improving student skills!

We also employ Power Teaching Math in the classroom. This great program focuses on the connection between math skills and everyday life. We want each child to reach mastery levels in math and to know that mathematics is more than just a set of numbers and rules. Math is the organized and predictable foundation of our world; it governs such things as seasons and life process. You can encourage an understanding of math at home by involving your child with daily tasks like baking, budgeting, gardening, and crafts.


At Indian Oasis we round out our curriculum with classes that help meet the developmental needs of every child. Once or twice a week students participate in physical education, technology, fine arts, library, and culture classes. These classes are great for creating an atmosphere in which each child’s individual talents can shine!

Attendance Policy

Regular school attendance is essential for school achievement; daily class participation is important to the learning process. Absence from class limits a student’s chance of academic success and places an extra burden upon both the student and teacher to maintain academic skills.

State law requires regular, daily school attendance of children over the age of seven. Indian Oasis complies with these requirements by maintaining attendance records for each child. We understand that occasionally absences cannot be avoided, but we ask that parents make a conscious effort to help their child develop good attendance habits for life.

Please contact the school office if your child will be absent for illness or memorial services.

We recognize students with perfect attendance each month with awards and special privileges. We publish their names in our school Roadrunner! Attendance also plays an important role in the determination of our “student of the month” recognition.

You can view our detailed attendance policy in the student handbook, located under the Parents quick link on the Home page.

Discipline Policy

Indian Oasis utilizes the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system as the foundation for our school-wide discipline program. PBIS is a proactive approach to preventing student behavior problems and achieving social and learning goals. We teach desired classroom behaviors and skills and focus on positive behavior to create a safe and productive classroom environment. This system allows for a structured classroom in which all students can participate equally and learn with greater ease.

As a part of this program, we reward students for modeling good behavior, and they can earn special awards and privileges in the classroom. Each month our students participate in a STAR assembly, reinforcing our creed that they can be safe, take pride, act responsibly, and respect others. Encourage your child to do their best!

For more information about our discipline policy and procedures, please see our Student Handbook.


Indian Oasis provides free transportation services to students in our district. It is important to remember that the school bus is an extension of the public school system and property with the same expectations for behavior.

Each student is responsible for his/her actions on the school bus and is subject to the direction and discipline of the driver.

All students will:

  • follow the directions of the driver;
  • be at the bus stop 10 minutes before the scheduled morning pick-up time;
  • remain seated and facing forward while the bus is in motion;
  • keep the aisle clear;
  • talk quietly, so as not to distract the driver;
  • not fight, push, or horseplay onboard;
  • not open bus windows without the driver’s permission;
  • keep extremities and property inside the bus at all times;
  • not eat or drink on the bus;
  • not touch the emergency door or any other bus controls or equipment;
  • not transport insects, reptiles, or other animals on the bus;
  • not carry tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, and/or weapons on the bus;
  • wait patiently for the bus to come to a full stop and open its door before embarking or departing the bus; and
  • only cross in front of the bus.